Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moongobble and Me: The Evil Elves by Bruce Coville

Cover image for The evil elvesEdward is friends with an aspiring magician named Moongobble.  In order to obtain full status as a magician, Moongobble must complete three great tasks. This is the third book in the series, and recounts Moongobble's third task.  In this adventure, Edward and Moongobble are sent to retrieve a dark magic stone that has made an entire village of elves evil.  Their challenge is to retrieve it without coming under its wicked power.  It takes Moongobble's best magic, Edward's pure heart, and plenty of help from their old friends, Urk the toad, Fireball the little dragon and the Old Knight.

Bruce Coville has written so many charming magical adventures for children.  This one is an intermediate reader, written for kids in 2-3 grade.  The vocabulary and sentence structure are simple, but Coville still tells an engaging story with interesting characters. It is lighthearted, fun, and a little bit silly--well suited for the target age group. (71 p)

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