Monday, October 21, 2013

Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen

Cover image for The runaway kingJaron has become king, but in name only.  He doesn't have the support of his advisers, his royal bride to be or his people. Because of his father's weak rule, Jaron's country is on the brink of war with neighboring country in confederate with the pirates. The ruling council wants Jaron to go into hiding so that they can place a regent on the thrown.  Jaron agrees to go, but not into hiding. Instead he assumes his Sage identity and goes to confront the pirates himself. This is the second in the Ascendency Series that began with The False Prince. As in that one, Jaron uses charm, skill and dumb luck to make it out of the most desperate situations, but not without plenty of bruises to show for his efforts. It is a good sequel with a lot of the action and suspense of the first. It successfully progresses Jaron's personality and his  relationships with both the women and men in his life.  It ended pretty well, and I don't know where Ms. Nielsen will go from here in the last book in the series, but I am eager to find out. (331 p)

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