Monday, June 29, 2015

Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Cover image for Frederica Frederica, at 24, is the oldest of four orphaned siblings.  They have only partly aristocratic heritage, and are of modest means.  Frederica is determined that her beautiful younger sister, Charis, should have her first "season" in London and find a suitable match to secure their futures.  She approaches a distant bachelor cousin to ask him if he will sponsor Charis' "coming out."  Lord Averstoke agrees only because he knows it will infuriate his sisters who have been begging him to do the same for their less handsome daughters.  Little does Averstoke know how much Frederica and her precocious younger brothers will add energy and interest to his otherwise boring life.

Ok, so I succumbed to another Georgette Heyer.  I think this one may be my favorite. The pacing is faster than the first two I read, and there are some genuinely hilarious scenes. I love the relationship between Alverstoke and the little brothers and the way he gradually comes to adore Frederica, without her even realizing it.  I wish someone would make it into a BBC movie. This was a delight and appropriate for teens or adults. 437 p.

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