Monday, June 8, 2015

Once Upon a Midnight Eerie by Gordon McAlpine

Cover image for Once upon a midnight eerieThis is the second adventure of Edgar and Allan Poe, identical twins who are psychically linked. In this one they are in New Orleans staring in a movie about their great-great-great-uncle, Edgar Allen Poe.  While on a tour of a historic grave yard they meet some ghosts and who were killed by the famous pirate Captain Lafitte in the 1800's.  The Poe twins, along with their new friends, Em and Milly Dickinson, vow to avenge the ghosts by proving that Lafitte committed the murders.  Meanwhile, the mother and sister of the evil Professor Perry, the villain from the first book, are after them.  Those who liked the first book in the series will enjoy this second one.  It is full of the same kind of witty humor, hi-jinx and literary puns.  The Dickinson twins are a nice addition and I hope to see them in future episodes.  (170 p.)

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