Sunday, September 6, 2015

Amulet Keepers by Michael Northrop

This is the second in the successful TombQuest series. (oops, I guess I forgot to blog about #1 when I read it earlier this summer) After his encounter with the Egyptian un-dead in book #1, Alex is on his way to London to meet with Dr, Aditi at the British Museum and hopefully find Alex's mother. London has been terrorized by another Death Walker, and Alex senses that the only way to find his mother is to send this Death Walker back to the beyond. To do that he must discover who the Death Walker was in life, and which of the spells in the Book of the Dead will be able to defeat it. With the help of his best friend, Ren, and his athletic cousin, Luke, Alex faces his most thrilling, and dangerous, adventure yet.

Everyone in the library world knows that zombies and the un-dead have been a strong trend in teen fiction for the past few years.  This series gives the younger readers their own dose of mummies and death walkers.  The book is moderately scary and a little gross (e.g. rain turning to blood) but I don't think it likely to give most most kids bad dreams. During the first part of 6th grade kids in Utah have to do Egypt reports. This book doesn't have as much info about Egyptian mythology as Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles but it might still be a fun read along while the kids are working on that time period in school. I am pretty excited that Mr. Northrop will be visiting the Provo Library on October 5, 2015 to talk about the TombQuest series. I wonder if they would let me wear my Egyptian costume. (or I should say, one of my Egyptian costumes, because I have more than one:-) (190 p.)

Ok, here is my blog from the library web page about book one.

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