Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham

 Rye and her mother Abigail live outside the protection of the city walls, and near the dark and dangerous forest. Abigail promises Rye will always be safe from the fearsome Bog Noblins, and the dangerous Luck Uglies as long as she wears her necklace and lives by the five house rules. Rye tries to be obedient most of the time, but when she "accidentally" takes a forbidden book, it triggers a sequence of thrilling and terrifying events that cause Rye to question all that she ever thought about her mother, the house rules, and who she really is. This is a pretty good new "strong girl" fantasy with a spunky main character and decent world building.  Durham has a a good sense of pacing and just the right balance between plot and action. There is nothing terribly original here, but it was a fun read and I will probably read the sequel, which is already out. (387 p.)

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