Monday, September 21, 2015

Mr. Harrison's Confessions by Elizabeth Gaskell

Mr. Harrison is the young doctor in the BBC miniseries, Cranford.  This is the short story/novel on which his part of the mini-series was based.  In the book he is not living in Cranford, but in an analogous small town.  This story only tells about his problems with all the ladies in town thinking that he is in love with him, and how he finally wins the hand of the sweet Sophy.  He never actually meets the Jenkyns sisters, or Mary Smith. The writers of the mini-series cleverly merge this story with the ones in the book, Cranford, and with stories in Gaskell's other book, My Lady Ludlow.  It was fun to read the book, and enjoy Ms Gaskell's charming writing and skillful characterization. (54 p.)

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