Sunday, February 14, 2016

First Born by Tor Seidler

Cover image for FirstbornMaggie is a magpie who was born on a farm in Montana.  She makes friends with a young wolf, Blue Boy, who has wandered out of Yellowstone Park.  She follows Blue Boy as he finds and joins a small pack and eventually becomes its leader. Together, Maggie and Blue Boy lead their pack back to the safety of Yellowstone Park, where they brave the wrath of other established packs to make a home for themselves. 

Not many people now days have read the original Bambi book.  It is very different from the Bambi movie, more harsh and raw, and this book reminded me of that one.  Even though the animals are anthropomorphized, the book doesn't gloss over the realities of "kill or be killed" in the wild.  The book was nicely written and I believe the author did quite a bit of research in Yellowstone before writing it.  The forward by the author also notes that he was inspired to write about wolves by his friendship with Jean Craighead George who wrote Julie of the Wolves. (227 p)

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