Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Rat with the Human Face by Tom Angleberger

Cover image for The Rat with the Human FaceThis is the second adventure of the QwikPick Papers series. After their thrilling adventure to see the Poop Fountain Lyle, Dave and Marilla have been hunting for a new adventure.  They come across what seems to be the perfect quest when they hear a electrician talk about seeing a rat with a human face at a college nature lab near a nearby mountain resort.  The three are determined to get to the resort and see the rat for themselves. The road to the lab is a bumpy one that strains the friendship of the three adventurers, and threatens to destroy the QwikPickadventure club for good. This book was not quite as entertaining as the first.  For one thing, the idea that the kids would actually believe there was a rat with a human face, was just too far out of probability for me. Still the interaction between the three kids is really fun, and the little romantic crush triangle is cute. Angleberger has a good grasp of tween mentality.  Plus, compared to the other one I was reading at the same time (the Sword of Summer), it was a nice quick read. (146 p)

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