Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Clue at Black Creek Farm by Carolyn Keene

Cover image for The clue at Black Creek FarmIt is funny that Nancy Drew was born (i.e. her first book was published) in 1930, the same year my father was born.  Unlike him, however, Nancy Drew has stayed a teenager all these years, never aging, solving one perilous mystery after another. In this latest in the Nancy Drew Diaries series Nancy is introduced to organic farming.  Her new friend, Sam, has left a lucrative law practice to start his own organic farm, but someone doesn't want him to succeed.  At first his crops are contaminated with e-coli and then his farm is victimized by vandalism.  As Nancy gets closer to solving the mystery, she also gets deeper into danger.  Nancy, as always, is flanked by faithful friends, Bess and George, and ever loyal boyfriend, Ned, and all of them are true millennials, using emails, texts and an electron bug to solve the mystery.  It is not great writing, but a good solid little mystery for a new generation (or 3rd or 4th generation) of Nancy Drew fans. (171 p.)

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