Monday, June 27, 2016

Sidekicked by John David Anderson

Cover image for SidekickedIn this kid superhero book, Drew Bean is recruited into a sidekick training program because of his acute senses.  He can smell like a bloodhound and hear individual conversations occurring anywhere in his middle school.  There are other kids in his secret H.E.R.O. training program, each with their own set of abilities.  Each of the kids is assigned to a superhero mentor who is supposed to be training them to fight crime and follow the superhero code.  Drew's hero turns out to be a has-been and he is jealous of some of the other kids who get to go out and save people with their younger and cooler mentors. When an evil super-villain returns from the past, Drew and his friends must use all of their budding powers to save the city and their superhero mentors from complete oblivion. 

This was another cute story in a very popular genre.  I was pleased that it wasn't totally predictable, and Anderson spends a lot of time developing the personalities and relationships of the young trainees who can take down a crazy killer robot, but can't figure out how to ask someone to the school dance. Although I enjoyed the book I haven't decided if I will read the sequel, Minon, that is already available. (373p.)

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