Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Unlikely Adventures of Mable Jones by Will Mabbitt

Do you need  a recorded book to listen to on a road trip this summer?  This is a great choice.  Mabel Jones unwittingly does "the deed" that makes her eligible to be kidnapped by a crew of talking animal pirates.  The captain, an evil wolf, convinces Mabel that she must help him find the pieces of a broken X to earn the right to return to her home.  Mabel's resourcefulness wins her the respect of her fellow pirates, but can the captain be trusted to follow through with his promise?

This book made me chuckle on the way to work every day for a week.  The writing is so clever and the narrator's delivery is perfect.  The story and characters are not deep at all, but it is all about storytelling and word play.  The narrator is Toby Jones, a familiar face in BBC productions.  No one could have performed this better.  I must admit that there was a little potty humor in the book, so if you are put off by that, beware (but then just listen to the book anyway because it really is very funny) I hope they do an audio version of the second one in the series. (304 p)

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