Friday, June 17, 2016

The Astounding Broccoli Boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Cover image for The astounding broccoli boyAfter reading the more serious books of Pax and Raymie Nightingale, it was fun to read something light.  In this book Rory, your typical middle school wimp, suddenly turns bright green.  Since all the other famous characters who are green happen to be superheros, Rory assumes that his new color comes with superpowers.  He is taken to a research hospital and put in a room with the only other kid who has recently turned green, Tommy Lee, who happens to be the school bully. Forced to face daily blood tests, urine samples and other indignities together, the boys start to form a tentative friendship. When Tommy Lee manages to sneak out of the facility at night, and Rory comes along, the fun and excitement of being green and (maybe) having superpowers begins.

Although Rory and Tommy Lee are stereotypical middle-grade-reader characters, Boyce makes them endearing and interesting. Throughout the book, the reader isn't completely sure whether the boys have superpowers or not, which adds a fun element. The boys' adventures are pretty wacky, and Boyce pokes fun at media coverage and how it can effect public opinion.  Even though the book is silly, it does give kids something to think about.(370 p)

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