Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mango and Bambang: The Not a Pig by Polly Faber

Cover image for The not-a-pigHere is this week's intermediate.
Mango lives with her father who is always busy "balancing books."  She tries to stay busy, too, but is often lonely, until the day she meets Bambang.  Bambang is not a pig, but a tapir from a far away land. He is very nervous about living in the big city, but Mango is kind and gentle with him, and soon they are best friends. When Mango finally faces something that makes her nervous, Bambang knows he must step up and help his dear friend, the way she has helped him. This book is a treat, both literarily and visually. With simple language Faber creates a wonderful story of friendship and kindness. Vulliamy's cover even looks like a treat;  a box of candy or a popcorn bag. The interior illustrations are also charmingly done in the same two tone purple. Gentler than Junie B. Jones or Ivy and Bean, this is a great choice for a young child who is an advanced reader, or anyone who has a tender soul. (135 p.)

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