Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When Friendship Followed Me Home by Paul Griffin

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Ben has grown up in the foster care system, never really having a home until he is adopted by Tess.  Tess gives him love and a home, and when a stray dog, Flip, enters the scene, and Flip leads Ben to a true friend, Halley, Ben’s life seems to be complete.  Things start to unravel when Tess passes away, and Halley’s cancer returns.  This is definitely a social issues book, but unlike some, it has as much heart as heartache.  The overall theme is one of hope and the importance of friendship, between child and dog, child and child, and child and adults. The Halley character is very endearing, but I am not sure any child is really that charming. Still it was fun to read about her and pretend a kid, with cancer or without, could be that wonderful. This is a good choice for kids who like Because of Winn Dixie and OK for Now.(247 p.)

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