Sunday, September 4, 2016

Princess Posey and the Crazy Lazy Vacation by Stephanie Green

Cover image for Princess Posey and the crazy, lazy vacationHere is my intermediate book of the week.  Posey is in first grade and the book starts the last day of school before a week long school break. Her friends talk about the exciting things they will do over the break, like visit grandparents in a different state, or go to Disney Land. When Posey talks with her mother, she finds out that they aren't going anywhere. Instead Posey's mom has taken the week off work and they are going to have a "stay-cation" at home. At first Posey is disappointed, but she ends up having a very good time playing with her mom and even learning to ride a bike. The reason the series is called "Princess Posey" is because when Posey is faced with something that is difficult, she puts on her favorite pink tutu and becomes "Princess Posey." Princes Posey has the courage to try hard things that were too scary for regular Posey, like getting back on the bike after her first crash.  The text is simple enough that it would make a good transition book from easy readers, and a bridge book to Junie B.Jones or Clementine.(84 p)

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