Friday, November 25, 2016

Captain Awesome Meets Super Dude by Stan Kirby

Cover image for Captain Awesome meets Super Dude!Here is my intermediate book for the week. Eugene (aka, Captain Awesome) is super excited to learn that his idol, Super Dude, will be visiting the local comics shop.  As the big day draws near Eugene notices an increase of activity among the local super-villain population. Is it possible they are planning a group attack on Super Dude? Captain Awesome and the other members of the Sunnyview Superhero Squad are determined to warn Super Dude before it is too late.

This is the latest (#17) in a fun series about a kid with a really active pretend life. The humor is in the double meanings. Young readers will enjoy being "in on the joke" as Captain Awesome foils the evil Mr. Drools (a slobbery overly-affectionate dog), Queen Stinkypants, (Eugene's diaper wearing little sister) and other neighborhood "villains."  I love the fact that when they little boy puts on his superhero suit his parents play along and start calling him "Captain Awesome." Even though the book has almost 150 pages, it is on a fairly low reading level, with large print and lots of fun black and white illustrations. This is a great transition intermediate for the superhero loving crowd. 148 p.

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