Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Cover image for The hammer of ThorThis is the second in the Magnus Chase series. Magnus is settled in at Valhalla when a new resident arrives.  It is another child of Loki, named Alex.  Alex is gender fluid so on some days she is female, and other days he's male.  Alex and Magnus, along with the Valkyrie, Samira, and Magnus' elf and dwarf friends, are sent by Thor to find and return his hammer which has been stolen by the Giants.  As they continue they begin to wonder if there whole quest has been secretly directed by Loki.

So it seems that Riordan has not only jumped on the GLTB bandwagon, he is become its conductor. If you can get by that, then this book is just like all the Riordan books--lots of fast action and lots of snappy patter.  As always Riordan makes interesting relationships between the kids and the immortals. I enjoyed the book and will probably read the last one in the series when it comes out.  (468 p)

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