Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Goldie by Ellen Miles

Cover image for GoldieHere is my intermediate book of the week.  Charles and Lizzie want a pet dog in the worst way.  They ask their mom every day, but each time she answers that she doesn't feel like they are ready for a puppy yet.  One day Charles' father brings a puppy home from work, a refugee from a house fire.  Lizzie's mother agrees they can keep the dog as a foster pet until they find a good permanent home for her. 

This is the first in a series "Puppy Place" for young dog lovers.  The writing is above average and the author works in a lot of good information about puppy care.  Although the book seems totally predictable, I must admit I didn't know if the kids were going to be able to keep the dog or not in the end, so kudos to Miles for adding a little bit of suspense.  Parents beware, if your child reads this book and doesn't have a dog already, they are going to want one by the end.  76 p.

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