Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Woof by Spencer Quinn

Cover image for Woof : a Bowser and Birdie novelBirdie lives with her grandmother in Louisiana. Her grandmother runs a bait and tackle shop near the bayou and does swamp tours on the side. Birdie's grandmother lets her adopt a pet dog for her 11th birthday and she names him Bowser. Together Bowser and Birdie try to figure out who stole the stuffed marlin that hung in her grandmother's shop. As they dig into the mystery they find out more about their town and Birdie's family history than they had bargained for. The story is told from Bowser's point of view, and he may be the most endearing dog character I have ever read in children's literature. He just loves Birdie more than anything, and though he often doesn't understand what is going on he is totally thrilled to be anywhere his little mistress is.  Birdie is a great character, too, sweet but with a lot of gumption and persistence. This book came out in 2015 and the sequel, Arf,  is already out.  I think I might just put it on hold right now. (293 p.)

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