Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Rule of Three by Megan McDonald

Here is the sequel to The Sisters Club. In this one the two older sisters decide to try out for the same part in the school musical. Alex is the better actress, but Stevie has a better singing voice. What is Alex willing to do to make sure she gets the part? Meanwhile, Joey is obsessed with the book Little Women and her sisters are worried about how she will react when she finds out that Beth dies.

This book wasn't quite as much fun as the first book. The girls spend too much of the time either fighting or feeling guilty for fighting. Everything resolves nicely in the end, but it lacks the some of the funny interludes that made the first book such a delight. This book deals with some good questions about sister relations. When one sister is good at something, should another sister try to be good at it, too? How do you forgive a sibling that has done something really mean? (234 p)

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