Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome to my new Reading Log Blog

I am a children's librarian by profession. As such, I believe it is important to stay up on the new children's literature that is coming out. My boss believes so, too, and has us set reading goals in our annual interview. I have a reading goal to read one novel and two picture books each week. I have had this same goal for some time, but I have never tried to keep track of everything I read. After my last year end interview, I decided it was time to start keeping track. But making a list on my computer just for my own use seemed like a lot of work for nothing. So I decided to start my own reading log blog. Then if anyone is interested in what I think about the recent books I have been reading, they can check my blog. It will also be convenient for me because I can access it at home or at work. So here goes.

I have one more little matter I must mention. I write book reviews for a nationally recognized journal. Because of my reviewer's agreement, I will not, on this blog, review or even mention the books I am reviewing for the journal. These are all non-official, private opinion reviews.

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