Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sister's Club by Megan McDonald

A lot of publishers offer books that are High/Low, meaning high interest, low reading level. It is a challenge to find books that are Low/High, or in other words, books that are of a high reading level but would appeal to a young audience--books for kids that are already reading novels in 1st grade. This book is such an one. It features three sisters, Alex, Stevie, and Joey, who are 12, 10 and (I think) 8. The sisters form a club and have lots of fun giggling together. At one point the oldest sister gets angry at the others for teasing her about a boy. She threatens to leave the club. But then her younger sisters help her in an emergency and all is forgiven. It is so cute and sweet and innocent. I think my daughter would have loved it in first or second grade. This is one I downloaded from Netlibrary and listened to on my MP3 player. I am glad I did, because I don't think I would have picked it up off of the shelf if I had seen the cover. The recording was made with a full cast and was well done. It would be a fun one to listen to in the car if your children were the right ages and gender. (196 pages)

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