Sunday, July 3, 2016

Autumn's Secret Gift by Elise Allen and Halle Stanford

I have a new assignment at the library to order the intermediate books.  Those are early chapter books with about 100 pages (some less) like Junie B Jones and Magic Tree House.  I haven't read many of those in the past, so I am going to try to read one a week for a while so I can get to know that section better.  Here is the one I read this week.

Cover image for Autumn's secret giftAutumn, Summer, Spring and Winter at the Sparkle Sisters, daughters of Mother Earth.  It is their job to oversee the changes of the seasons for the humans. Each of the sisters has a different personality.  Autumn is careful and likes to think things through before she acts. The other sisters tease her about it, but Mother Earth trusts her and gives her an important job.  She is to take care of a gift until a party that evening.  In a rare moment of impetuosity, Autumn loses the gift. Her sisters rally around her and together they rescue the present from the nasty Bluster Boys. 

This the first book in a fairly new chapter book fantasy series, Enchanted Sisters, for little girls who like Daisy Meadows or Rescue Princesses.  The story has lots of action, and there are cutsie stylized illustrations every few pages. I could imagine some little girls reading this and then wanting to pretend to be the Sparkle Sisters in their pretend games for a month.  (122 p.)

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