Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Staring Jules (As Herself) by Beth Ain

Cover image for Starring Jules (as herself)Here is this week's intermediate book.  Jules likes to make lists, likes to make up jingles for fizzy ice cream, and likes the new girl in class, Elinor.  She hopes Elinor will be her new best friend, since her old best friend, Charlotte, isn't her friend anymore since she decided she likes lip gloss better than playing with worms.  When Jules gets the opportunity to try out to be in a mouthwash commercial, Charlotte starts paying more attention to her.  Will her new social status mend the rift between her and Charlotte, or create a problem with her new friend, Elinor? Can Jules have two best friends at once?  This is a cute "friend drama" novel for kids who like Clementine or Ivy and Bean.  Jules is a believable little girl with a big personality. I liked the fact that Ain didn't make Charlotte a two dimensional "Mean Girl" but instead left the door open for a Charlotte/Jules reconciliation. Scattered black and white cartoon illustrations add to the kid appeal.  (143 p.) (Don't let the page count fool you.  This was a fast read due to large font, double spaced.)

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