Friday, July 22, 2016

Hephaestus and the Island of Terror by Joan Holub

Cover image for Hephaestus and the island of terrorOk, here is my intermediate book for last week.  This is the tenth in the Heroes in Training seriesThe premise for the series is that the 12 Greek Olympic gods are all children and are just finding out that they are gods. The Delphic oracle keeps giving them quests to find magical artifacts and other Olympic gods.  In this book they are looking for a bow and gold arrows for Artemis. In other words, this is kind of like a junior Percy Jackson series.

The main difference between this and the Percy Jackson is that the Percy Jackson books are well written, and this one is not.  It sounds like the writer spent about 2 weeks tops preparing the text for the book (which is very possible, because Holub is quite prolific and has several series going on at once.).  It has no style or voice, and the dialog is all clunky.  I think is is possible to write an intermediate level book and still have nice writing.  That is not the case here.  It is very possible that little first and second graders will be so caught up in the fun premise, they won't notice the bad writing.  Anyway, I assume that is what the publisher was hoping.(106 p)

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