Friday, July 1, 2016

The Mother Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick

Cover image for The Mother-Daughter Book ClubI have been trying to read new titles lately, but this one has been out for a few years. Four sixth grade girls get roped into doing a Mother/Daughter book club because their mothers all take Yoga together.  The girls have very little in common.  Cassidy is an athlete, Megan is a fashionista, Emma is a book worm, and Jess is an animal lover.  As they all read Little Women together, they learn that girls that are different can still be friends and support each other.

This was a fun, light read.  I thought it started a little slowly, but by the end I was sorry it was over.  There is a lot here that tween girls would enjoy; first crushes, girls getting on the boys team in sports, practical jokes, and a mean girl who gets put in her place.  There are little social issues, but all smiles and sunshine in the end.  This could be a fun one to read with a real Mother/Daughter book club. (245 p) (though I am not sure why they put a 16 year old girl with perfectly sculpted eyebrows on the cover, when the book is about 11 year olds.)

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