Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Light by Rebecca Stead

Cover image for First lightPeter's father is a glaciologist and his mother is a microbiologist.  When Peter hears that his father is going to take the whole family with him to study a glacier in Greenland, Peter is pretty excited.  Once there, he starts to wonder if there is more than science that has brought his parents to this exact spot. He also wonders about a new ability he has begun experiencing that allows him to see things very far away.  Meanwhile, in a village closer than Peter could have imagined, another young person, Thea, is learning new things about her family and her community. When forces bring the two tweens together, they find that they hold the future of Thea's whole world in their hands. 

Rebecca Stead won the Newbery Medal for her book When You Reach Me,which I liked. I like this one as well, and they have a very similar feel.  In both the main character lives in the real world but has to adjust to the fact that the fantastic actually exists. This one doesn't have the mystery and emotional tension that When You Reach Me has, but it is a fun, light, sci-fi read for middle graders.  (328 p)

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