Friday, August 5, 2016

The Last Bogler by Catherine Jinks

Cover image for The last boglerThis is the third and last in the series that started with How to Catch a Bogle. In this one Mr Bunce has a new apprentice, Ned Roach. The two of them are on a newly formed committee to rid the city of Bogles using scientific methods.  They meet with a representative from the Board of Sewers, an engineer, Birdie and Miss Eames, the folklorist.  Ned is not as good at singing as Birdie, and not as nimble as Jem, but he is analytical, and he keeps coming up with good ideas about how to approach the bogle problem on a large scale.  But will his ideas be clever enough to succeed in the final bogle show down?

I have enjoyed this series.  It is exciting and Jinks created a bunch of fun and interesting characters. I was, however, pretty disappointed with how this book ended.  All during the book they are coming up with grand plans of flushing the bogles out of the sewer system, or frightening them out with flash powder, but the final resolution was just silly.  It totally didn't fit with the way the story had been going through the rest of the series. I wonder why Jinks didn't let the characters just carry out their plans.  It would have been more fun and exciting.  The final little epilog was charming, and made me feel a little bit better about having spent so much time on the series. (319 p)

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