Monday, August 22, 2016

Geronmo Stiton: Mousekings #1: Attack of the Dragons

Cover image for Attack of the dragonsAnyone who works with children's books knows that Geronimo Stilton is one of the hottest intermediate series out there. There are a lot of Stiton books, too.  There are the original Geronimo Stilton books, then the Thea Stilton books, the Fantasy, Spacemice, Cavemice, Creepella, and others.  There are more than 200 books in all published since 2000.  The extent of the series is probably only exceeded by the Daisy Meadow books.

The is the first book of the Mouseking series.  The setting for this series is like northern Europe, maybe German Barbarians or Vikings.  In the different series, the same main characters are made over to fit that setting.  In this one Geronimo (a mouse) is a brainy wimp among tough guys. When the best cook in the town gets sick, Geronimo and others set off on a quest to get some mint teach, which only grows in cave inhabited by dragons.

I think these books are written with ADHD kids in mind.  The text is typeset with key words in large and colorful font, so as you  read it, the highlighted words jump out at you, almost as if they are yelled at you.  If you were ADHD I think the creative typesetting would help you stay focused on the book.  There are funny black and white and colored cartoon drawing throughout that further make this a great choice for someone who struggles with reading.  (115p)

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