Monday, July 24, 2017

Grandfather and the Moon by Stephanie LaPointe

Cover image for Grandfather and the moon"Memere's" grandfather is devastated when his beloved wife dies.  He sinks into silent depression.  Memere tries to get him interested in life again by entering a contest to travel to the moon. She wins the contest, but wonders whether even this will break through her grandfather's wall of grief.

This is an interesting "graphic novel."  It isn't a comic book style graphic novel with boxes and word bubbles.  It is just an illustrated story that is longer than a picture book.  It doesn't have much text, only a sentence or two on most pages but with a couple of pages with several paragraphs.  I believe it was originally published in Canada.  I am guessing from the author's name that she is a French Canadian.  The book certainly has a French feel to it.  The text is lyrical, even poetic, and the mood is surreal. I could see a teacher reading this book in class and then leading a discussion about the meaning and symbolism in the story.  I am guessing this book is not going to circulate a lot.  It is a bit too "out there" for most young American readers. It might be a good one to give to a kid who has to read a book with 100 pages, who is a struggling reader. (100 p.)

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