Sunday, July 16, 2017

Smart Trust by Stephen M.R.Covey and Greg Link

Cover image for Smart trust : creating prosperity, energy and joy in a low-trust worldMy director gave a copy of this book to each member of the Executive Management Team and asked us to read it.  Our city has followed the Speed of Trust program for several years, and this book is a follow-up of that program.  It talks about several elements of "Smart Trust" and gives lots (and lots and lots) of examples of each one.  The principles are good.  They have even helped me in my personal relationships.  The book is a bit hard to get through.  There is just one example after another of "look how wonderful this company is" and "look at the wonderful things that company did."  It is clearly meant to be motivational rather than just informational. I kind of wish they had looked at it more evenly, and shown some counter examples, like, "if you trust the wrong person you can get totally messed up." Still, it was an okay book and I am glad I read it. (296 p.)

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