Monday, August 3, 2015

How to Catch a Bogle by Catherine Jinks

Cover image for How to catch a bogle Birdie McAdams is a bogler's apprentice.  Bogle is the general name for any number of creepy monsters who live in dark holes and come out to eat children.  Birdie works for Alfred by standing in front of a bogle's hole and singing.  When the singing leads the boggle out into the open, Alfred, kills it with his magic spear.  Birdie is proud of her work and glad not to be in a work house, or working for the local crime lord.  She, therefore, does not like it when a wealthy woman comes into her life and starts ruining everything. Will Miss Aimes and their experience with the crazy doctor convince Alfred that bogling is no job for a little girl?

This is not a really new book.  I read it because I remembered that one of my co-workers really liked it when it came out.  After reading it I could see why it appealed to my friend.  Birdie McAdams has a lot of courage and pluck.  The alternative Victorian London setting is rich and interesting, and the relationship between Birdie and Alfred is very sweet. This is a good "boogie man" story with just the right level of spine tingles. (313p)

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