Monday, August 3, 2015

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage

Cover image for The ghosts of Tupelo LandingHere is the second installment of the adventures of Mo and Dale who solved a murder in Three Times Lucky.  Full of themselves after their first success, Mo and Dale of the newly formed Desperado Detective Agency are eager for another mystery to solve.  One presents itself, when Lana, Mo's foster mother, impulsively buys an old deserted inn near her diner.  As it turns out the hotel is haunted and the ghost seems to having a special interest in the two tweens, and their new friend, Harm Crenshaw. As the three kids try to learn who the ghost is and how they can help her, they dig up a more than just the past. 

The first book in the series was a realistic fiction, so I was a little surprised when this one moved into the realm of the supernatural.  I kept expecting it to be a like an old Scooby Do show where the ghost was really a hoax to try to prevent the restoration of the inn.  But no, it is a real ghost.  Turnage makes the switch into fantasy smoothly enough, and those who liked the spunky heroine, the colorful characters and snappy dialog of the first book will find more of the same here. (352 p)

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