Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Incredible Hulk by Alexander Irvine

Cover image for The Incredible HulkI thought I better read another one of these just to make sure they are age appropriate.  I haven't watched any of the recent movies of The Hulk, so I was able to assess this retelling by its own merits.  It was just fine.  As in the Captain America one, mentioned the violence, but without any blood or intense feeling.  I thought it was interesting that the author made sure that the reader knew that no one actually got killed. They all escape right before the helicopter blows up or the building fell down. It had a little more mention of kissing than the Captain America one, but it was without excessive description and I thought it was fine for this age range.  After I read the book I looked through some trailers to see which movie it was based on.  When I saw the trailer from the 2008 movie, all the lines from the trailer were exact duplicates of lines in the book. I really think these books could help some readers transition from  comic books to novels. They are short and fast paced and have a good cover, but look and feel like a regular novel.  I will go ahead and order the rest of the series for my department. (175 p)

Side note: You don't think they named him David Banner as in Star Spangled Banner, and her Betty Ross, as in Betsy Ross by accident, do you?  I had to be on purpose, right?

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