Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett

Cover image for The terrible twoMiles Murphy was the school prankster in his old town.  Now he is in a new town and an new school and is eager to establish his reputation. On the first day of school he is surprised to find a car parked at he top of the stairs leading to the front door to the school--and not just any car, the principal's car.  So Yawnee Valley already has a prankster, and a good one.  Miles is eager to find out who it is but the only kid he has met is his dorky "New Student Buddy," Niles, who is the world's worst principal's pet.  Miles has to dodge Niles as he prepares his most spectacular prank yet. When his grand prank is hijacked by the Yawnee Valley prankster, Miles and his rival start a planking war that escalated to hilarious proportions.

Mac Barnett is an amazing author with a clever, quirky, sense of humor.  He is the author of some really successful picture books, including a Caldecott honor book, Extra Yarn.  He also has some successful novels, including a series I liked, The Brixton Brothers.  So I was eager to read this one. It was funny and the final prank is brilliant. All the tidbits about cows were funny as well, but, in all honesty,  I liked The Worst Class Trip Ever better. I think it is because I am not someone that appreciates practical jokes. (Plus, I wasn't thrilled about the cover.) Maybe if I had read this one first, instead of right after the other one, I would have enjoyed it more. Both are great books for the kid who likes goofy humor or for a family to listen to together in a car on a long road trip. (214 p)

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