Sunday, May 8, 2016

Arabella by Georgette Heyer

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the kids recorded books, and I felt like I was totally saturated and needed a break from kiddie lit.  So I did what I often do in such circumstances.  I checked out a Georgette Heyer.  Actually the first Georgette Heyer I checked out was The Convenient Marriage, but I returned it after a few days. It was not as "squeaky clean" as many of her other books. I don't really want to read about young girls going to London and behaving wickedly.  I like stories about sweet, innocent, girls who go to London and meet the man of their dreams. That is what happens in Arabella. Actually, this book was so much like some of Heyer's other books, I kept wondering if I had read it before, but I couldn't find in on this blog. Did the predictable plot and stock characters keep me from enjoying it?  They did not.  I even found myself staying up late one night because I wanted to get to the good part.  When did I last stay up late to finish a children's book?  I can't remember. (312 p.)

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