Thursday, May 5, 2016

From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess by Meg Cabot

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Olivia is average girl going to an ordinary private school.  She lives with her aunt and uncle, but she corresponds with her widowed father regularly.  One day she is accosted by the "popular girl" who claims Olivia is a princess.  That is ridiculous, of course.  How could plain, ordinary, Olivia be the half-sister of one of the most famous princesses alive?

This is a cute new series for younger readers by the writer of the successful Princess Diaries.  Those who have actually read the Princess Diaries books knows that they definitely contain some teen level elements that didn't show up in the movie version.  This series doesn't contain contain any of that and is totally age appropriate for upper elementary readers. It was fun to revisit Genovia, and see Mia as the more mature, seasoned princess trying to help her younger stepsister through the same adjustments she had to face years earlier. The book has a few illustrations, some done by the author, which add interest.  I will look forward to future installments. (182 p) 

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