Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Terrible Two Get Worse by Mac Barnett

Cover image for The terrible two get worseIn this second book in the Terrible Two series, Niles and Miles, the practical joke team of their middle school,  have run up against their greatest challenge yet.  Principal Barkin has been "put on leave" and his father, former principal Barkin is acting principal.  The new principal understands that if no one reacts to a practical joke, it isn't effective so he puts on a campaign to ignore Mile's and Nile's best attempts.  As the days tick by, and all the Terrible Two's best pranks fall flat, Miles and Niles sink into despair.  What will it take to do a prank that will make Principal Barkin take notice?

I can see where lots of kids would think this book is funny.  The jokes the kids pull are clever, and the narration is funny,  but I am just not someone who enjoys or condones practical jokes.  There is really no way to do a practical joke without hurting or inconveniencing someone in some way, that that goes against my personality.  I guess I sympathized more with Principal Barkin in this story than I did with Miles and Niles, which probably means I am an old fuddy duddy.(214 p)

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