Friday, May 13, 2016

Frank Einstein and the Antimater Motor by Jon Scieszka

Cover image for Frank Einstein and the antimatter motorFrank is a 11-year-old scientific genius whose current project is to create a robot with artificial intelligence. With the help of his best friend, Watson, they put together pieces of junk from his grandfather's fix-it shop.  A lucky spark completes the creation, and Klink, and Klank, two AI robots, come into existence. Frank is eager to use Klink's intelligence to help him make more inventions, but Frank's rival, T. Edison is eyeing the robots as well.  Will the anti-mater motor that Frank creates with the help of Klink and Klank help him win the science fair, or will T. Edison steal his idea and the prize.

As you can tell, this is a pretty silly story, but what would we expect from Jon Scieszka?  There is a lot here for kids to like; puns, jokes, cartoon illustrations, and fun science facts.  This new highly illustrated series will appeal both to reluctant readers and science nerds. (179 p.)

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