Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spaced Out by Stuart Gibbs

Cover image for Spaced outWhen the commander of Moon Base Alpha disappears, Dash and Kira have a new mystery on their hands. Dash's alien friend, Zan can sense that Nina is still alive, but no one can find her on the base, and there are just not that many places she could be anyway.  The only answer is that she must have gone out on the moon's surface, and it is up to Dash, Kira and the others to find out where and why before it is too late.

I really liked the first in the series and I liked this one, too.  Gibbs is good at creating an interesting mystery, and realizing the unusually setting, without neglecting the characters.  This is definitely a series and am going to stick with.  Let's see, when does the next one come out? (336 p.)

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