Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Moon Base Alpha: Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Cover image for Space caseDash Gibson is one of the first kids to live on Earth's new colony on the moon and one of the first to tell everyone that it is not as glamorous as the recruiters promised. Sure, he's famous and everyone on Earth knows his name, but the food is lousy, there isn't much to do, and the toilets are like torture chambers. When one of the scientists on the base dies, Dash is sure that it is murder. With the help of a recent arrival at the base, Kira, he sets out to prove his theory.  They find more potential suspects than they thought and as they get closer to figuring out who the killer is, the killer gets closer to them.

I have wanted to read this one for a while. I wasn't disappointed.  Dash is an endearing and believable tween as he explains how lame it is to live on the moon with no chance to go outside, no privacy, and everyone wanting the kids to look like they are having a great time for the cameras. Gibbs carefully thought out his setting, and all the details about life on the moon are fun and interesting.  He also carefully constructed a complex mystery plot.  I think lots of kids will like this one, and I am eager to read book two, which is already out. (337p)

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